Automate Newsletter Sending With Our WordPress Plugin

June 17, 2016 by Nedim Talović

Automate Newsletter Sending
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I’m happy to announce that we’ve published a WordPress plugin that allows you to automate sending newsletters.

You can start leveraging automation in three small steps:

  • Download & activate the plugin
  • Generate API key at Jellymetrics
  • Create a template

Installation & Configuration

In this small tutorial, I’ll show how to start sending automated newsletters.

First of all, download the plugin and activate it. As you can see, in your administrator dashboard’s menu Jellymetrics menu just appeared.

Jellymetrics WordPress Plugin

The next step is to generate your API key in Jellymetrics. After you have generated the key, just copy it to the clipboard and open Jellymetrics settings in your WordPress admin dashboard where you need to paste the key.

Currently, there are three tags available:

  1. {}
  2. {post.url}
  3. {post.description total_words=100}

1st tag will be replaced by post’s name, 2nd with the URL and 3rd is the most interesting. It will slice first 100 words (e.g.). Please be careful with this, because if you write, for an example, 250 words, that means that lists, images, etc. can go in your newsletter and maybe you don’t want that.

I recommend you to make sure your first 50-100 words of the blog post is just the text.

How to use it?

Above Publish button you will see a checkbox “Send a newsletter via Jellymetrics”. When the check box gets checked – you’ll create a new campaign and send to your subscribers a newsletter.

Send a newsletter via Jellymetrics

Happy blogging!

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