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Sales Team Structure Guide

November 18, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Organization structure in company exist to make and maintain efficient workflow. It should be set up in a way that makes the most of processes in company. This include making decisions, cutting costs and increasing productivity. All parts of the organization structure are important and they contribute to the company’s strategic goals, in different ways. […]

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B2B SaaS Sales: Strategies, Tactics & Issues

October 25, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

The sales art in B2B is different in many ways than all other types of sales. It’s different from the beginning, so to provide a full explanation of B2B SaaS Sales I’ve covered all the stages the business growth. Based on suggested approaches from the companies with high credibility you’ll see the proven strategies for […]

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What Is Upselling And How To Do It Right

October 11, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Getting a new customer is one of the main goals in business. We all know what it takes to do that, and we can all agree that it is a pain in the neck sometimes. But, the increase in revenue is a strong motivation for the hard work. Fortunately, there is a more efficient way […]

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Sales Basics: The Beginner’s Guide

September 28, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

In this guide, you’ll learn about sales basics and all the stages in the sales process. After you read it you should be able to understand how sales works, the terminology used in sales and what’s the most important aspects of the sales. Sales began when people started exchanging goods like weapons, tools, and food. […]

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10 Best Sales Movies In The Last 30 Years

September 19, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Are you considering the career of a salesman? Maybe you’re already into it but feel overwhelmed? Do you think you’re alone in the struggle to close the deals? If you’re facing this kind of questions, then the movies I’m about to present you will be a real joy for you. They are inspiring and motivational […]

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Why Content Marketing Is The Only Marketing Left For SMBs

September 11, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Now that we have inbound marketing, outbound marketing is simply a waste of money, and usually a lot of money. Small businesses can’t afford that. I wouldn’t be too much wrong if say that literally, all SMB marketers use content marketing. According to Content Marketing Institute, 94% SMB marketers use content marketing and only 6% […]

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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

September 9, 2017 by Nedim Talović

How to get more likes on Facebook Page is probably the question that you have asked yourself too many times, haven’t you? Facebook pages are great due to the many reasons: Allow communicating to potential and current customers Drive traffic to the website Increase brand awareness Facebook organic reach is decreasing over the time. It’s […]

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11 Digital Marketing & Sales Books You Must Read Today

September 7, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

It’s often thought that digital marketing books are outdated and that only blogs are worth reading, but that’s not true at all. Both types of content can offer quality texts and help marketers to grow their businesses. The truth is that blogs usually have more up-to-date content, but books are great when it comes to […]

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram

September 5, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Getting more followers on Instagram is almost everything that matters. Otherwise, user reach will be very low. Of course, I’m talking about organic reach. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. In fact, 700 million people use Instagram each month. Furthermore, 250 million of them use Stories each day. According to globalwebindex, almost […]

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Content Marketing For Startups: All You Need To Know

September 3, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

The question is not whether you should do content marketing, but how good your content is. Before you start creating your content you should know what type of content you’re going to publish or how that content should look like. Along the way, you’ll face dilemmas such as whether to hire someone to create content […]

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8 PPC Landing Page Best Practices You Must Know

August 15, 2017 by Nedim Talović

A landing page is very important part of every PPC campaign. You can drive thousands of users and pay thousands of dollars, but if you struggle with a landing page, you won’t get so many leads or customers. Creating ads is all about choosing the right keywords to bid (AdWords), or picking the right audience […]

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What Are Negative Keywords?

August 9, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Negative keywords are the way to exclude keywords that aren’t right matched to your campaigns. Unfortunately, they are also a common mistake in running PPC campaigns. By not using negative keywords you’re missing the opportunity to make your campaigns much more efficient. The truth is that you’ll have fewer clicks, which is also the reason […]

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12 PPC Spy Tools That Reveal Your Competitors’ Secrets

August 4, 2017 by Nedim Talović

PPC spy tools are very important since there’s no advertiser who doesn’t want to know how much his competitors are spending. In fact, these days you can’t hide anything. It’s possible to know which keywords competitors are bidding for, how they ads look like, how to estimate the budget, and so on. Simply said, there […]

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10 Best Practices For Writing an Effective Text Ad

August 2, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Google handles 5.5 billion searches a day. That’s a lot of traffic and a big part of it are high converting queries. Creating an effective text ad will grab a portion of conversions for your own business. That’s why I decided a create this in-depth article. In this blog post, you’ll learn 10 best practices […]

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8 Differences Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

July 30, 2017 by Nedim Talović

What are differences between Facebook and Google Ads is a really common question. Differences are huge, but both platforms have their pros and cons that I’ll explain you in this blog post. Small businesses are usually struggling with a choice between these two platforms because their marketing budget isn’t big enough, so they can’t spend […]

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10 AdWords Mistakes You Probably Make Each Day

July 24, 2017 by Nedim Talović

AdWords mistakes are common and even experienced AdWords specialists make them. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we mostly learn from our mistakes. However, when you can avoid a mistake, then do it. Marketers are always looking for acquiring new customers at a lower price as much as possible. Various mistakes will definitely increase […]

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9 Alternatives To Facebook Ads You Must Check Out

July 18, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms and it will remain so. There are about 2 billion monthly active users which is a huge advertising potential. However, increasing costs for Facebook Ads are pushing smaller businesses to consider other alternatives for advertising. But that’s not the only reason. It’s not necessarily that Facebook provides […]

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How To Choose Keywords For Google AdWords Step by Step

July 13, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Google makes lots of cash through its advertising system called AdWords. Lots of cash. In fact, the Finance & Insurance industry alone brings them $4 billion dollars each year. Retailers General Merchandise $2.8 billion dollars each year, and so on. What’s more, this data is a few years old and we know the Internet marketing […]

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Components of Quality Score That Matters a Lot

July 10, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Google earns whenever someone clicks on your ad through their advertising system AdWords. For that reason, they want to provide the best ads to its users. Better results they provide, more clicks they charge. AdWords is actually a triangle with the following three angles: Google company Advertisers Users Users want to see the best search […]

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Immediately

July 8, 2017 by Nedim Talović

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The first one after Google. SimilarWeb data says that every month more than 22.3 billion visitors visit YouTube. Enormous number. That’s a great opportunity for increasing brand awareness! All these numbers suggest that every business owner should create a YouTube channel. When we say grow […]

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How Has Marketing Evolved Over Time

July 6, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Why would you be interested in marketing evolution? If you think it’s waste of time, think again. Would it be better to anticipate the changes or to be struck by them? I don’t claim that it’s possible to predict change in marketing, but I guarantee that if you’re aware of the marketing evolution and its […]

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Content Marketing Sales Funnel That Will Work For You

June 30, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Sales funnel is a path that enables you to see how customers have been acquired. Customer acquisition would be much harder without sales funnel because that’s the place where you analyze the whole sales process. For example, you can find answers to the following questions: Which marketing channels drive more traffic? How many leads organic […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable: How, What & Why

June 27, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

At the first glance, it really may seem that reviewing products is the most obvious way to earn money from affiliate marketing. That might be the case several years ago, but things are a bit more complicated these days. The competition is strong and it won’t get any easier. Writing simple reviews is not good […]

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How Much Should I Spend On Google AdWords?

June 26, 2017 by Nedim Talović

New advertisers are usually not sure how much money they should invest into Google AdWords. The answer is not simple as that. It really depends on the industry you work in. For example, people in Finance & Insurance industry are expected to invest more because that industry is extremely competitive. In fact, there are more […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

June 23, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Lots of small businesses have problems with sales. Entrepreneurs often don’t know how to sell the products. They have a few options: Cold calling Advertising on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Content marketing Email marketing and so on. Personally, I think content marketing is the best way to scale your business because once you build […]

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How To Optimize Email Marketing Open Rates?

May 14, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Around 200 billion emails are sent every day. Email marketing is extremely competitive. Just open your email inbox and you will see lots of newsletters, that you don’t have time to check. I know that I don’t have it. Here’s how my Promotions tab looks like. Clearly, I can afford to open only a few […]

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10 Ways To Submit Your Website To Search Engines Faster

April 18, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Appearing on search engines as faster as possible is the goal of every new website. However, new sites are unknown and search engines like Google must be careful because they don’t want to index sites that share spam and things like that. In fact, there are more than 100,000 new websites each day. Now, imagine […]

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Google Position Checker In Three Simple Steps

April 9, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Achieving a high Google positions is very important to every business owner. If you check out the following photo, you’ll see a strong correlation between CTR and position. I don’t know about you, but I don’t check Google rankings for the specific keywords because I think results are becoming more and more personal, so here’s […]

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9 Reasons Why E-Commerce Businesses Fail

April 4, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Lots of E-commerce businesses are born every year, and lots of them fail every year. There are many reasons why this is happening. In this blog post, I want to share with you 9 reasons why you’re struggling with the number of orders. If you follow these tips, and if you become very patient, I’m […]

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13 Actionable SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

March 31, 2017 by Nedim Talović

SEO experts say that SEO is harder today because Google is not as stupid as it was years ago. If you remember, a back then you could build spammy links and easily outrank competitors so easy. Today, you can’t do that because you will surely get penalized. In fact, some claim that SEO is dead […]

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How To Improve Quality Score?

March 27, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Quality Score is a metric invented by Google AdWords team which estimates the quality of your ad and landing page. Google always tend to display the best content for its users, so if you wish to succeed, you’ll definitely need to optimize your ads. But, before we talk about optimization, let’s see which factors determine […]

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15 Different Types of Marketing Strategies You Must Try

March 23, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an important type of every business. Without marketing, any company would surely fail. However, there are so many types of marketing strategies, and here, you can find 15 different strategies you can apply to your company. Surely, you can’t apply every single strategy (unless you have a large marketing budget and team), but […]

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AdWords vs AdSense: All You Need To Know

March 19, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić

Among many other things, Google is the most powerful advertising company in the world. A big part of their income is coming from the two platforms – Google AdWords and Google AdSense. No matter if you are an online advertiser, a blogger or you simply want to promote your business on the internet, difference and […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

March 16, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media networks has its pros and cons just like everything in the life. Personally, I think there are more advantages than disadvantages. However, I’ve decided to mention 5 advantages and 4 disadvantages of social media marketing. According to SproutSocial, Americans mostly use Facebook, and after that Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook obviously dominates […]

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15 Important Types Of Content Marketing Which Drive Traffic

March 11, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Types of Content Marketing

There’s no a marketer who doesn’t discuss content marketing. Personally, I think that content marketing is the only type of marketing that small business owners can use to succeed. Why? Small business owners don’t have large amounts of money and it’s so hard to get the consumer’s attention without a large marketing budget. You probably […]

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13 Magnific Keyword Planner Alternatives You Must Try

March 9, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Keyword Planner Alternatives

I’ve seen so many times that marketers are searching for Google AdWords Keyword Planner alternative. For that reason, I’ve decided to write a blog post where I’ll introduce you 13 magnific keyword research apps that you can use today. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching long-tail keywords or short-tail – you can find everything by […]

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What Is The Best Blog Platform For SEO Today?

March 6, 2017 by Nedim Talović
What Is The Best Blog Platform For SEO?

Blogging is an important part of every successful company because blog lets you reach lots of potential clients. Some companies don’t even hire sales representatives. Instead, they invest huge amounts of money in writing amazing content and SEO which literally drive traffic and, in the end of the day, leads and conversions. The following chart […]

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10 Important Pros and Cons Of Email Marketing

March 3, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Email marketing has its pros and cons just like everything in the life. People talk about pros of email marketing, and they usually ignore cons. Fortunately, there are more pros than cons. For example, most digital marketing specialists talk about ROI as the most important pro of email marketing. I couldn’t agree more. Email marketing […]

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13 Actionable Google AdWords Tips You Must Leverage

March 1, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Google AdWords Tips

Google’s revenues in 2016 were around $90 billion. In fact, the most revenues come from its advertising platform – Google AdWords. The revenue tells us how important AdWords is to Google. Without AdWords, there wouldn’t be Google, I date to say. Advertisers should always try to optimize AdWords campaigns as much as possible. In this […]

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How Did We Get First 100 Newsletter Subscribers?

February 26, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How did we get first 100 newsletter subscribers

Since you probably found this blog post on Google search, you are familiar with the importance of email marketing. Nevertheless, here’s a short explanation to those who don’t know why email marketing is important, here’s Email marketing has the largest ROI which makes it as the most useful marketing channel. It’s well-known that for every […]

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What Is a Good CTR For Facebook Ads?

February 25, 2017 by Nedim Talović
What is a good Facebook CTR?

Advertising on Facebook means that you need to track lots of different metrics, and here are some of them: CPC CTR Average Cost per Conversion Total Impressions Total Clicks Anyway, one of the most important metrics is a CTR. That’s because a high CTR means that people are interested in your ads and the job […]

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15 Free Stock Photo Sites For Commercial Use

February 21, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Free Stock Photo Sites

Stock images are the important part of content marketing and digital marketing generally. In fact, wonderful stock photos increase the number of clicks (CTR). However, the small problem is that buying stock images at professional services cost a lot. Here, I’ll show you 13 websites where you can download amazing stock photos and use them […]

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15 Powerful E-commerce KPIs To Track Right Now

February 17, 2017 by Nedim Talović

Many E-commerce business owners are struggling to track how their businesses grow. They usually look at revenues since they’re the most important. I agree, revenue is what matters, but they come as the result of other business activities. As example, let me say that online stores usually see an abandonment rate of 70% which means […]

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13 Amazing SEO Metrics You Must Track Today

February 14, 2017 by Nedim Talović
13 Amazing SEO Metrics You Must Track Today

Tracking SEO metrics is a key for successful organic presence. If you don’t check top SEO metrics, you won’t be able to identify potential issues and react soon enough. In this blog post, I’ll explain 13 SEO KPIs that you should start tracking today. Almost all of these metrics are available in Google Analytics and […]

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Writing a First Blog Post In Three Simple Steps

February 12, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Writing a First Blog Post In Three Simple Steps

Blogging is a key for creating a successful startup company. Having a smart strategy means that outranking giant companies in Google search results is absolutely possible. Today, small companies with a smart blogging strategy can compete with top players in the industry. The number of published blog posts per month have a strong impact on […]

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11 Secret Ways Of Improving Email Deliverability

February 9, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Improving Email Deliverability

Lots of companies are struggling with deliverability of emails they send. Here, I want to give you bits of advice so you can deliver your marketing emails directly in the inbox. There are many variables to think about, so I’ll explain most of them. For example, did you know that you should buy a dedicated […]

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11 Valuable Email Marketing KPIs You Must Track

February 7, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Email Marketing KPI

You probably know that email marketing is the best marketing channel because of its ROI. It’s a fact that email marketing has 2.47 times better ROI than SEO, and even 2.35 times better than keyword ads. In this blog post, I’ll explain 11 email marketing KPIs that you really should track today. For those who […]

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11 Actionable Ways of Building an Email List From Scratch

February 5, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Build an Email Marketing List

Thinking about email marketing as the best marketing channel may not look so real. You might see it as a deprecated technology that nobody uses. That’s not true. Email marketing is here to stay. The main reason why you should invest in it is ROI. For every dollar invested in email marketing, you can expect […]

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16 Awful Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

February 3, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Email Marketing Mistakes

No matter how good are you in email marketing field, you will be making some mistakes, like we all do. We usually talk about benefits of email marketing and using it to increase sales. But, why do we avoid talking about mistakes? The same reason is with startups. Everyone wants to hear success stories and avoid […]

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11 Awesome Chrome Extensions For Content Marketers

January 31, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers

Google Chrome is a powerful web browser with amazing extensions that help a lot with content marketing, and SEO generally. In fact, it makes your life easier because you don’t need to install different apps on your Mac or Windows. In this blog post, I’ll share with you 11 great extensions that you should start […]

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How Does Google AdWords Work?

January 31, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How Does Google AdWords Work?

Search engine and AdWords are two of the most important Google’s products. Without the search engine, there wouldn’t be AdWords and likewise, without AdWords, there wouldn’t be a search engine. In 2015, Google had almost $75B in revenues, and most of that revenue came from Google AdWords. Thanks to it, Google is able to hire […]

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How To Implement Facebook Pixel For Measuring Campaigns

January 27, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How To Implement Facebook Pixel

Among many strong reasons why you should advertise on Facebook, this is the most convincing one. You can easily target everyone since everybody is on Facebook. You only have to think about your potential and ideal customers. Who are they? Do they: Live in Germany, France, or the UK Have between 28 and 44 years […]

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Three Major Steps In Content Marketing For Small Businesses

January 25, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić
Three Major Steps in Content Marketing

If potential customers trust you, they will do the business with you. To gain that trust you have to become the authority in your niche. Content marketing is the way of becoming one. Believe me, it’s possible even without a large budget, and I’ll show you the path, but know this – there are no […]

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CASE STUDY: How Being Offline For 4 Months and 12 Days Affected Rankings?

January 25, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How being offline affected rankings?

People are always worrying about what might happen if they get penalized by Google, or if their site go offline for couple of days, or even weeks. Common questions are: Will I lose my rankings? What will happen? How long does it take to recover? Well, I have a REAL example because my site was […]

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How To Start With Content Marketing Process

January 23, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Content Marketing Process

Interests for content marketing has increased dramatically since 2004. Basically, everyone talks about content marketing, but the question is: How does your content marketing process look alike? In this blog post, I’ll explain you: Why do you need content marketing What are SEO requirements for the best results How to generate content marketing ideas How […]

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12 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips You Can Follow Today

January 19, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Facebook Advertising Tips

Mastering Facebook advertising might be the reason for success. In this blog post, I’ll give you 15 tips on Facebook Advertising. If you follow these tips, I guarantee that your advertising costs will be less, and your bank account will see more money. Specifically, I’ll answer you on the following: How to choose advertising objective? […]

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Improving SEO With 15 Free & Paid Tools

January 16, 2017 by Nedim Talović
SEO Tools

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s actually a set of strategies and tactics to make your website rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s estimated that there are around 200 Google ranking factors today. Surely, some of them are considered to be more important than others. Although the full […]

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How To Make Money Online

January 15, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How To Make Money Online?

What’s the easiest way to make money online is the question that comes to the Internet very often? The truth is that there’s no the easiest way because making every single cent requires lots of hard work. In this blog post, I’ll explain 14 ways you can use today to make your money. All these […]

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Site

January 14, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Without traffic, your bank account won’t see a cent. Neither a phone call. Driving traffic to your site isn’t an easy job. It takes lots of efforts and it requires a few months to see first results. However, it’s not impossible. In this blog post, I’ll show you 17 ways that you can use today […]

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How To Write a Professional Email

January 13, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić
How To Write a Professional Email

Regardless of the size and type, businesses mostly communicate through emails. Among marketing channels, email marketing is usually a top priority because of its outreach potential, low costs, high ROI and many other reasons. A good email can lead you to success, a bad one will do the damage. It’s simple as that. So let’s […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Facebook

January 12, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Facebook Like

Before I start explaining advertising costs on Facebook, I’d like to explain you why should you advertise on Facebook. Firstly, there are more than 1.7 billion Facebook users who are active EVERY month. That’s a huge number and a huge opportunity as well. Next, the organic reach is decreasing all the time. An interesting photo, […]

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Email Subject Lines: 8 Secret Steps To Increase Click Rate

January 11, 2017 by Jasmin Hukić
Email subject lines

You’ve probably heard so many times that email marketing is still the best email marketing channel because of its ROI and many other reasons as well. Indeed, you shouldn’t have doubts about investing in it, but if you’re still not convinced I suggest to read more about email marketing. An average business user sends and […]

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Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide

January 10, 2017 by Nedim Talović
Google Search Console: The Definitive Guide

Google Webmaster Tools, now Google Search Console, is a powerful tool made for webmasters by Google. It allows website owners to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Here are some benefits and reasons why you MUST use Google Webmaster Tools: Make sure that Google can index your website Send Googlebot manually Monitor […]

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How To Gain More Followers On Twitter?

January 8, 2017 by Nedim Talović
How To Gain More Followers On Twitter?

Currently, there are more than 300 million active Twitter users per month which tells us how important this social network is. However, if you want to see traffic increase from Twitter you need to gain more followers. So, in this blog post I’ll show you: How to gain more followers on Twitter? Which content type […]

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How to Monetize a Blog: From Idea to Realization

November 6, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Monetize a Blog

In online business, everything starts with a blog. It drives traffic to your website, introduce you to the customers, position you as an authority, builds your email list and get you money for your time and efforts. No matter if you are ‘only’ a blogger or you’re having a web shop or selling your product, […]

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How To Get My Website On Google In 7 Simple Steps

October 14, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Get My Website On Google?

Today, Google handles nearly 3.8 million queries every minute or 228 million queries per hour. This is a huge opportunity for everyone and because of that, you need to get your website on Google as soon as possible. In this blog post, I’ll show you: How to check on On-Page SEO? How to add and […]

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How To Advertise On Facebook: Detailed Guide With Tips

October 11, 2016 by Jasmin Hukić

There are more than enough reasons to choose Facebook as your marketing channel, but I think that Moz provided the best sum up: If you just spend $1 per day on Facebook ads, you will get in front of 4,000 people that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you are doing that and your competitors […]

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5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

October 7, 2016 by Nedim Talović
E-commerce Mistakes

Building a successful online business might be a difficult task for companies on the budget.  Not for every company, of course, but for the most companies, it is. In this blog post, I’m going to learn you more about basic tips and tricks that small business owners should consider. Firstly, you’ll see why not having an […]

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17 Reliable Ways To Find and Verify Someone’s Email Address

October 3, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Find someone's Email Address

Finding someone’s email is kind of job that’s always extremely boring and takes too much time. You can always hire someone at UpWork to do this job for you, but what if you’re a bootstrapping company or simply a blogger who doesn’t have enough money to invest into this? These are the reasons why I’d […]

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How To Start a Successful Blog: Step By Step

September 28, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How to start a successful blog

How to start a new blog is the question that has been asked a million times. Search for how to start a successful blog and you’ll see about 162,000 results. That’s only on Quora. Being a successful blogger gives you tons of opportunities – from earning money to getting new friends all around the […]

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Online Marketing For Hotels: How To Rent More Hotel Rooms?

September 24, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Online marketing

The fact that every business is unique means that every business has a marketing channel that suits the best for it. Generally, email marketing is the most effective marketing channel mainly because of its ROI. But is that the case with marketing for hotels? What are marketing channels and does email marketing for hotels matters? […]

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How To Generate Leads: 15 Strategies and Techniques For Sales Increase

September 19, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Generate Leads

Think of generated leads as your potential customers. The more you have them, the more revenue you can expect. But first thing first. Let’s see a lead generation definition: In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such […]

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Content Marketing Quotes: What 25 Experts Say?

September 16, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Content Is The King

Content marketing is making many opportunities for everyone to succeed. You don’t need a big money to create a big business anymore. Don’t get me wrong, producing great content still costs, but not as nearly enough as buying ads in Google search for example. In this blog post, I’ve asked content marketing experts to share with […]

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Content Marketing Tools: Ideas, Writing, Creation, Distribution and Organization

September 15, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing makes your brand an authoritative, provide additional value, and above all, it boosts traffic on your site. However, to fully benefit from it, you have to put a lot of effort and arm yourself with patience and energy. Fortunately, various tools can help you along the way. That’s why I’ve created, what I […]

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7 Simple Ways To Find Long-Tail Keywords

September 10, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that contain at least 4 words. Generally, the longer they are, the more specific intent is. Using them in a right way can be your path to success. I’ll give you three good reasons for finding the long-tail keywords: High probability of conversion 70% of searches are long-tail keywords Easier to […]

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On-Page vs Off-Page SEO: What Is More Important?

August 30, 2016 by Nedim Talović
On-Page vs Off-Page SEO

Don’t know about you, but I’m really annoyed with On-Page SEO. Let me explain why. If you search for on-page seo at UpWork (probably the most popular website for freelancers) you’ll see a large number of job offers. Basically, you’ll see something like this: First offer: Second offer: Third offer: I wonder how they make […]

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How To Interview Influencers For Your Blog?

August 21, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Interview Influencers For Your Blog

Interview is the type of content that doesn’t get the attention it deserves and that’s why I’ve decided to write a blog post about it. Interviews are great for interacting with influencers (industry experts) and it’s something that brings real value for you and your business. In this blog post, I’ll give you the reasons […]

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Facebook vs Twitter: Which Social Network Is Better For Business?

August 18, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Facebook vs Twitter

In this blog post, I’ll make a comparison between Facebook and Twitter. Besides that, I’ll try to answer the questions like: How is Twitter used in business? What is the best way to use Facebook for your business? How to promote your business on Facebook and Twitter? Both networks have their pros and cons, so […]

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How To Find Long-Tail Keywords Using Wikipedia and Ahrefs

August 12, 2016 by Jasmin Hukić
How To Find Backlinks Using Ahrefs and Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a powerful website. According to SimilarWeb, it has more than 2.1B visits every month. Almost every query at Google will have Wikipedia on the first page because they have an enormous number of articles and long-tail keywords. That’s why Wikipedia is a perfect place to find long-tail keywords for your business. In this […]

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Benefits of Email Marketing: Why It Still Matters

August 11, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Benefits of Email Marketing: Why It Still Matters?

Email marketing is, without any doubts, the most effective marketing channel. Just as for large businesses, there are also many advantages of email marketing for small businesses as well. Still, newbies often hesitate to invest their resources and energy into developing their email marketing strategy. In other words, they need some encouragement. In that mood, […]

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How To Check Backlinks In Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

August 6, 2016 by Jasmin Hukić
Google Search Console

Checking backlinks may be a tough job for businesses with a tight budget. Luckily, Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) makes the task available for everyone. No matter what they say, backlinks are still a major Google ranking factor. I’m sure that you’ve already implemented all of the following: SSL Fast loading time Properly usage […]

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How To Generate More Content Marketing Ideas For Your Blog

August 4, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Generate Blog Post Ideas

Remember how frustrating can it be when you just can’t think of the topic to write about? Well, those days are over now. There are ways to generate more than enough ideas for your blog posts. In fact, it’s very likely that you won’t have (or need) time to search for the new themes. A […]

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Great B2B Email Marketing in 6 Steps

July 30, 2016 by Jasmin Hukić
B2B Email Marketing

Maybe you’re thinking, why they still keep babbling about email marketing all the time. Isn’t that the old rusty way of communication, overwhelmed by social networks? Do I really need it for my business? Does B2B email marketing work? You bet. But you don’t want to take anything for granted, so let me convince you […]

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Improve Churn Rate With Google Sheets and Prediction API

July 25, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Improve Churn Rate With Google Spreadsheets and Prediction API

Predicting future events has never been easier, thanks to machine learning concept. It does predictions based on historical data. Let’s take a look at machine learning definition: “Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden […]

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7 Magic Steps To Reduce a SaaS Churn Rate

July 24, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Reduce a Churn Rate

Churn rate is the percentage of customers who canceled a subscription in a period of the time (month, year). Customers are coming and leaving, and there is nothing wrong about that. Everything in the world has a lifespan. Still, there are different reasons for canceling a subscription: Price is not equal to the features a […]

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7 Wonderful SaaS Metrics You Need To Measure For Your Business

July 22, 2016 by Nedim Talović
SaaS Metrics You Need To Measure For Your SaaS Business

You’re about to start a SaaS business or you’re already running one? Congrats! When I was starting a SaaS business I was curious what SaaS metrics should I track. I really wanted to be sure that everything will work fine, and to stay that way. Based on my experience, I’m gonna show you which SaaS […]

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How To Speed Up a WordPress Site as a Non-Tech

July 20, 2016 by Nedim Talović
How To Speed Up a WordPress Site

Speed load time is VERY important – it’s one of the 200 Google ranking factors. However, not all marketers understand tech things and for them, it’s absolutely desirable to learn some basics like optimizing images, cache, etc. In this blog post, I’ll show you some basic concepts, and hopefully, make you comfortable in talks with […]

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7 Email Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

July 18, 2016 by Nedim Talović
Email Marketing ROI

Simply said, email marketing is absolutely the best marketing channel. However, having a list of subscribers and sending emails to them isn’t enough anymore. Your customers are receiving more and more offers to their accounts, so getting high click rates is harder than ever and won’t get any easier. To stay competitive, you need to […]

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The 9 Must-Have Metrics for Your E-commerce Business

July 13, 2016 by Nedim Talović
The 9 Must Have Metrics for Your E-commerce Business

Measure everything they say. But, with so many potential measures, you need to sort out what is the most important for you. So, you should ask yourself: Am I using right metrics for my E-commerce business? Don’t worry, we’re all doing these kinds of questioning and constantly doing our research. That’s why I’ve decided to […]

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How To Perform an SEO Audit In 15 Minutes

December 16, 2015 by Nedim Talović
How To Perform an SEO Audit

Good, detailed SEO audit requires a time, energy and knowledge. To perform the process widely, the guide by Steve Webb will come in handy. On the other hand, if you want a quick overview for your website, covering most of typical SEO aspects, including: Moz metrics Ahrefs Insights from Google Search Console Website speed Mobile […]

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate: The Definitive Guide

November 14, 2015 by Nedim Talović
How To Reduce Bounce Rate

When someone visits your site and then leave without further interactions, your bounce rate goes higher. The definition of bounce rate from Google Analytics: bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). In this blog post, I’ll show […]

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