Automotive Aftersales Platform

Improving customers loyalty with personalization.

Benefits from Current Data

You want to automatically send reminders and offers that are relevant to the individual customer? The data you already have is all you need.

The start is to collect and organize it, which is very simple regardless of your current software.

Clients 360° Overview
Clients 360° Overview

Relevant When it Matters

Send special offers when they start to think about new cars. Get in touch when the time comes for changing spare parts, vehicle inspection.

Congratulate birthdays and anniversaries. You can make segments so that you reach out only when it matters.


Most of your customers are considering other brands when they are buying a new vehicle.


Send the exclusive personalized offers when the time comes for changing and buying a new car.


More customers that previously bought a vehicle from you will buy a vehicle from you again.

Automated Aftersales

Make automation in addressing your customers by their attributes like first name, in limiting the time and frequency, or in delivery.

In one time setup, choose delivery channels like email and SMS, and services such as Mailgun, Sparkpost, Twilio, and others.

Clients 360° Overview
Clients 360° Overview

Optimized Delivery

Let your customers get the offers and messages on the channels, time and frequency they like the most.

Choose a delivery service you want and set up an automation in sending emails, SMS and push notifications.

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