Marketing Solution for Health & Wellness

Personalized remainders to improve patients care and trust.

Smart Use of Current Data

Do you want to improve aftercare, marketing and general communication with your patients and visitors?

You can easily collect and organize your data to improve your services and save your time.

Clients 360° Overview
Clients 360° Overview


We help you to automatically handle personalized communication with your patients after the treatment.

Make segments to ensure that your patients and visitors receive only the content that matters to them.


Patients are expecting more personalized treatment, including contact with the medical staff.


Automate sending questions about the patient's condition X days after treatment or during the therapy.


More trust and better relationships with patients through dedication to their conditions.

Keeping Everyone Posted

Rest assured knowing that your clients, visitors, and partners are informed on time about all the important changes.

You only need to set up delivery where you can choose the triggers, the channels, time and frequency.

Clients 360° Overview
Clients 360° Overview

Optimized Delivery

Let your customers get the offers and messages on the channels, time and frequency they like the most.

Choose a delivery service you want and set up an automation in sending emails, SMS and push notifications.

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