Customer Retention Platform for Retailers

Recommendations tailored for the customer.

Closer to Customers

You want to get a better knowledge of your customer needs, desires, and preferences? We know you do, so we created a platform to organize your customer data.

You can easily collect the data with simple integration to the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Clients 360° Overview
Clients 360° Overview

Segment and Recommend

Match your various offers to various preferences among your customers. Precise segments allow you to target different groups of your customers with similar attributes or behavior.

The segmentation is more flexible and easier than ever.


Your customers are only interested to see products of their preferences.


Sending offers that are perfect match to different customer preferences.


Significant increase in online orders of the items offered in campaigns.

Optimized Delivery

Let your customers get the offers and messages on the channels, time and frequency they like the most.

Choose a delivery service you want and set up an automation in sending emails, SMS and push notifications.

Clients 360° Overview

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