Send newsletters via reliable APIs.

We connect our app to your SparkPost or Mailgun account to deliver emails. Nowhere to pay less.
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Import Customers

Drag & Drop a CSV file and match columns to customer properties.

Create as many as you need customer properties.

Enjoy maximum flexibility.

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Segmenting your customers has never been so easy.

Do you want to send a newsletter to Females who made between 5 and 10 orders and who comes from USA or UK or Canada?

You’re just a few clicks away.

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Track your campaign performance by identifying people interested in your campaigns.

We count deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and other KPI metrics.

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Compare Jellymetrics to other services.

Jellymetrics $49
MailChimp $240
GetResponse $250
AWeber $149
Campaign Monitor $299

Estimates are based without APIs. SparkPost gives 100k emails for free and Mailgun 10k.

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