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Personalized Campaigns

Let’s say you’re about to start a campaign with the something like this:

Hey {customer.first_name} {customer.last_name},

You are {customer.age} years old and your last order was before {customer.days_since_last_order} days.

We've decided to send you a discount code AB2016 which will be valid in the next 30 days.

Best regards,

We’ll have your property keys replaced with the real values.

User-Defined Properties

User-Defined Properties

Start the effective personalized campaigns by setting the age, gender, days since the last order or any other property to segment your customers.

When it comes to user-defined properties, there are no limits.

Import Customers

Drag & Drop a CSV file and match columns to customer properties.

Create as many as you need customer properties.

Enjoy maximum flexibility.


Segmenting your customers has never been so easy.

Do you want to send a newsletter to Females who made between 5 and 10 orders and who comes from USA or UK or Canada?

You’re just a few clicks away.


Track your campaign performance by identifying people interested in your campaigns.

We count deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and other KPI metrics.

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